Williams and Srnicek – #Accelerate

Williams and Srnicek have put out a proverbial call to arms against neoliberalism. Let’s discuss what neoliberalism is, talk about why it needs to be overcome, what the Left has been doing that hasn’t worked, and what Williams and Srnicek think must be done instead. Neoliberalism Capitalism keeps evolving. Neoliberalism is the most recent mutation.… Continue reading Williams and Srnicek – #Accelerate

Zizek – the Refugee Crisis

http://inthesetimes.com/article/18605/breaking-the-taboos-in-the-wake-of-paris-attacks-the-left-must-embrace-its For those on the Left, Zizek’s claims that capitalism is one of the (indirect) causes of the refugee crisis is not controversial. If you accept this premise, which Zizek’s audience typically does, the debate concerning the refugee crisis centers around what the (capitalist) West is obligated to do for the refugees. For Zizek the… Continue reading Zizek – the Refugee Crisis

Žižek – An Attempted Introduction

DISCLAIMER: It is my opinion that Žižek presents himself as more radical than he actually is because you have to be willing to imagine the impossible in order to challenge ideology. Like all major philosophers, Žižek’s popularity strips him of his historical roots. The first categorization of Žižek I came across said he was a… Continue reading Žižek – An Attempted Introduction