Plato – Apology

Meletus has supplied his speech against Socrates. Socrates argues that Meletus was convincing, but everything he said was a lie. But before Socrates can defend himself from the lies of Meletus, he points out that he also must defend himself from those who do not understand Socrates, but they charge him with being a sophist. Socrates shows why he is not a sophist (he does not charge, and he does believe in the gods), and how Meletus’ charges are self-contradictory, because he also charges Socrates for introducing new spiritual beings (daemon).

After this Socrates starts getting a bit more inflammatory, by saying he is a gift of the gods, and that he has been sent by the gods to show that people are not wise, even when they think that they are. Because he believes he must do the duty of the gods, he will continue teaching philosophy, even if they acquit him. Then Socrates talks about how he does not fear death.

Once they convict him as guilty, he argues that he struggles to suggest a punishment other than death because what he deserves is free meals in a luxury hotel, but since his friends have asked him to, he will accept the money of his friends in order to pay a months wage as a fee.

They sentence him to death at this point. Socrates says he believes that this is better for him in the long run because he does not know what death will be, but whatever it is, it will be better than growing older, and then dying.


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